Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you've always wanted to know but have been too afraid to ask.

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How does Mimic work?

Mimic works by running Conduit on your computer. You can think of Conduit as a little portal that you install on your desktop, which magically allows your phone to talk to your desktop. To control the actual client, Mimic uses the same features used by the official client. Mimic is conceptually very similar to a second window for your League client.

Is Mimic allowed by Riot? Will using Mimic get my account banned?

Mimic conforms to both the general Riot Developer policies and the League Client development policies, and it is registered on Riot's developer portal. While this doesn't mean that Riot explicitly approves the application or supports it in any way, it makes it increasingly unlikely that using this application will risk your account. This old (but still relevant!) comment by RiotSargonas explains more about Riot's approach to applications like this one.

What features are supported in Mimic?

Mimic has a large list of supported features. As of right now, here's a brief overview of the things you can do through Mimic. If you'd like to see a specific feature not listed here, let us know on the Discord!

How do I (un)install Mimic?

Mimic doesn't need to be installed! Simply download and run the Conduit application and you're all set! Uninstalling Conduit is as easy as removing the downloaded file, but for your convenience there's an uninstall button located in the about screen.

Hey, I'd love to see support for <insert feature here>!

There are a few features, such as chat support and a friends list, that Mimic deliberately does not implement because they are impractical on a small device. If you think we've missed a feature, or if you have a good way to implement a missing feature, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the Discord.

Do I need to have League running?

Yep! Mimic only copies the graphical side of the League client and doesn't actually connect to League servers directly. As such, you will need to have your League client running on your computer.

Can anyone that knows my 6-digit code control my client?

The first time any device tries to connect to your desktop, you will have to manually approve or deny the connection attempt. As long as you do not approve connection attempts from devices you do not recognise, you will be the only one that can control your client.

Do I need to keep approving devices? Will my 6-digit code ever change?

Both the list of approved devices and the 6-digit connection code are stored locally on your computer. As long as you do not change computers or reinstall Mimic, your 6-digit codes will stay the same. For device approval, you will not need to re-approve devices as long as they do not clear their stored data. If you constantly need to re-approve devices, check if you are using private browsing on your phone (which prevents Mimic from storing your unique phone ID).

Do I need to be on the same network to use Mimic?

Nope! As long as you have your 6-digit code and a working internet connection, you can control your League client remotely. All traffic goes through our servers, so there's no need to have a direct connection to your desktop.

Wait, all traffic goes through your servers? Doesn't that violate my privacy?

Again nope! All traffic between your phone and desktop is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that no third party, including us, can see its contents. This is similar to how messaging services like WhatsApp and iMessage encrypt your messages. The only devices that can see your data are your phone and your desktop.

What data do you gather, send to your servers or store?

Mimic does not store any of your personal data and will never do so. Your client traffic is always encrypted and will never leave your phone. We track page views using Google Analytics, but this data is fully anonymised to the point that we can only see that a certain amount of people visited a page. In fact, we collect so little data that we do not even have to show an annoying cookie notice! For more information, please see our privacy policy.