Get Into Queue, Pick Your Champions, Get Into Game.
All from your phone.

Download Conduit

Everything included to get into game.


Join your friends – or play on your own.

Mimic has support for inviting others as well as getting invited. Not feeling the flex queue today? Create a Solo/Duo lobby right from your toilet seat.


Invite your friends, pick your roles.

Mimic's lobby is just as powerful as the desktop client. Invite or kick players, select roles and get into queue while on your way home.


Never dash to your desktop again.

Accept the queue right from your phone. No longer do you have to worry about leaving your desktop. Just bring your phone and accept the queue from anywhere. If supported, your phone will even buzz to alert you.


A fully-fledged champion select.

Mimic's champion select supports hovering, banning and picking champions. Support for changing and editing your rune pages, alongside adjusting your summoner spells is also included. ARAM fan? Rerolls and the champion bench are supported too.


Support for almost all devices.

Mimic requires no install on your phone and works right inside your browser. If your phone was made after 2015, Mimic probably works. iOS and Android even support fullscreen after adding Mimic to the homescreen.

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps

1. Download Conduit On Your Desktop

No install necessary, just click and go.

2. Launch League of Legends

Conduit will automatically detect your League and start listening.

3. Find Your Code

Click the notification or the Mimic icon in the icon tray. Then, note down the code.

4. Get Your Phone And Go

Go to app.mimic.lol on your phone and enter the code to control League. Easy, right?

Ready to get started?

Help and Support

Confused? Check out the frequently asked questions, or join us in the Discord.